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Bessie is not just a Van

Hello! My Name is Victor, (the guy with the mustache) I simplified my life and moved in to Bessie (full time) in the summer of 2017. By the Spring of 2018 I got rid of all my debt, quit my job, started a small business and increased my time doing volunteer work in my community. And now, 2 years later, after an epic road trip Bessie is in need of a major engine rebuild. I never thought I would have to do the repair Bessie myself…me! The guy with no mechanical experience, sure I’ve done an oil change in my day but rebuilding a diesel engine…WOOOOF! My current financial situation wont allow me to hire a mechanic meaning we are all learning something new. So, If you would like to support Bessie, learn something new bout engines, or see me mess up a few time please follow @cool_bessie. Blog and more merchandise coming soon. Thank you!!

All photography provided by the guy with the mustache.



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